Jayne Bratton

Supporting spiritually aware children

Jayne is a mum of two very spiritually connected young daughters and she has been an active healer for 30 years and in the last few years is developing her psychic and mediumship skills.Jayne has prepared this workshop for you and will share her thoughts and advice on raising spiritually tuned children. The workshop is packed with ideas and information training around some spiritual fundamentals:

  • how we shape and influence our children’s spiritual path
  • child-led learning – helping your children develop their gifts in their own unique way
  • understanding terms like a healer, medium, psychic, crystal child…
  • giving questions and tools – not answers
  • what chakras are and the best crystals
  • spiritual protection for your child
  • where to get more knowledge

“Whenever my hands go like candy-floss I see unicorns all around me””Mummy my doors are all open””They won’t shut up and let me sleep”