Welcome to the Shebear Connection Website

Sara Shebear is a woman of many talents and loves to empower people by sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Sara is the founder of the Shebear Connection Strategy which is a modular course that empowers the individual, whether they are teenage or adult, to connect to their true path to achieve satisfaction in all areas of their life.

She also provides consultancy, support and training in all the areas covered in the Shebear Connection Strategy. This includes Wellbeing, Nature, Learning, Technology and Business as well as some educational and wellbeing products in the online shop

She is also an Educational Consultant and has a passion for children to be empowered through their education whether it be mainstream, special needs, referral unit or alternative education.

Sara’s long term goal is to set up ‘Learning Centers’ which are child lead and project based around their passion. You can see more information here

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact Sara