Shebear Connection Ltd is a company that believes everyone can benefit from a ful-filling learning experience.

Shebear Connection Ltd, has been set up to ultimately change the face of education and therefore to improve the wellbeing of children who struggle with conventional education.

Sara, the founder and CEO, and her team plan to pool their varied expertise together to create the Shebear (SDL) Connection Centre (SCC), which is a learning centre that has a democratic, child lead, project based approach inspired by the Sudbury Model of Education. This has been Sara’s dream for a long time and you can see how the project evolves in the SCC Progress blog.

Sara is also the creator of the Shebear Connection Strategy which is a modular course/guidance that empowers the individual, whether they are teenage or adult, to connect to their true path to achieve satisfaction in all areas of their life.

As an Educational Consultant, Sara also provides consultancy, support and training in all the areas covered in the Shebear Connection Strategy and has a passion for children to be empowered through their learning whether it be in mainstream, special needs, referral unit or alternative education.

If you have any questions, comments or want to be involved in the SCC project, please do not hesitate to contact Sara