Shebear Connection CIC is a community interest company that believes everyone can benefit from a fulfilling learning experience and Power Mindset Coaching.

Shebear Connection CIC, has been set up to ultimately change the face of conventional education and therefore to improve the wellbeing of young people who struggle with this form of education. This includes home educated young people and those who have been marginalised from mainstream because of their identity and/or a neurodiverse (SEND) learning approach.

Sara, the founder and CEO, and her team plan to pool their varied expertise together to create the Shebear Connection College (SCC), which is a learning centre that has a democratic, student lead, experiential project based approach to learning with a bias towards technology and nature. This has been Sara’s dream for a long time and you can see how the project evolves in the SCC Progress blog.

As a Power Mindset/Empowerment Coach, Sara provides coaching, support and training in many areas of life and has a passion to help young people to be empowered through their learning whether it be in mainstream, special needs, referral unit or alternative education.

If you have any questions, comments or want to be involved in the Shebear Connection College, please contact Sara